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How to Style and Furnish a Dreamy Guest Bedroom on a Budget

Jun 28, 2021

A well-made bed next to a nightstand with flowers on it

One of the greatest joys of having your own space is the ability to invite friends and family to stay! Of course, you want them to feel at home, enjoy their time and come back to do it all over again. A welcoming, dreamy guest bedroom is a big part of making that happen. Giving guests an inviting space they can call their own is the key to a comfortable stay and a show of a thoughtful host.

Luckily for you, we’re all about helping customers find the name-brand pieces that tie their space together, without the hassle of credit. So if you have a guest bedroom that needs furnishing, take advantage of our lease-to-own options at your favorite retailers and take home furniture and decor with lease renewal payments that work for you.

Before you go shopping, though, you may be looking for some decorative inspiration. What do you want the room to look like? More importantly, how do you want to make your visitors feel? Here are some ideas that, once you’re done, might even make you want to spend a night in there yourself.

Provide the Bed of Your Dreams …

For the most part, chances are you and your guest will be on the go doing fun things or in shared spaces of your home (like the living room or kitchen) enjoying time together. But at the end of the day, the spare bedroom gives your guest a place to stay, get a little “me” time — and of course, sleep. So a quality bed frame, mattress, pillows, sheets and blankets are paramount to making them feel comfortable and rested for the next day’s activities.

Do you love big fluffy pillows or comforters? Are you comfortable on the mattress in your regular bed? Do you enjoy the extra space you have in a queen-size bed? If the tables were turned and you were a guest in someone else’s home, imagine what kind of bed you’d love to snuggle up in, then create one for your guest in the same fashion.

… But Don’t Stop There

Just as you’d furnish any room, you wouldn’t stop at just the main furniture piece; you need accessories that are both functional and help with decor (as space allows, of course). Again, think through all of the things in your own bedroom that make it work.

At the very least, get a bedside table — but if you can, add a dresser as well. A full-length mirror not only helps your guests get ready for the day, but it will make a small bedroom seem larger. Consider blackout curtains for a great night’s sleep. Conversely, lighting can be as simple as adding a decorative lamp or two. In the warmer months, a ceiling or stand-alone fan is always appreciated.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Live Out of Their Suitcases

Because your guests likely brought a suitcase or overnight bag with them, it would be nice if they could unpack and enjoy that “lived in” feeling. One way to do this is to have plenty of hangers in the closet so they can put their clothes away and enjoy their stay relatively unwrinkled. If you do add a dresser or a chest of drawers to the room, make sure it’s empty so they can store items there as well.

Show Them Some TV Love

There’s something about lying in bed and watching TV that anyone can appreciate. So if the walls in your guest bedroom allow for it, mount a TV. Your guest will love being able to turn on a movie or show as they are winding down for the night. If you can’t mount a TV to the wall (or would prefer not to), you can always find a smaller TV to fit atop a dresser or small stand.

Give the Room Its Own Personality

Part of the fun of creating the room is decorating it, because the options are endless (from playful to sophisticated, or anywhere in between) and totally up to you! The point is to not just provide a room for your guests to sleep, but making their stay feel like a true getaway. Adding little touches here and there (with a little of your own personal spin, of course) can really transform the room and make it feel luxurious.

In the bigger picture, add wallpaper, large prints or fun family photos to the walls. Place a soft area rug underneath the bed and a bench at the foot of the bed. Then, add the smaller details: Candles, floral arrangements, books and decorative pillows — plus any other unexpected, fun find — are just a few accessories that are budget-friendly but will instantly elevate the space.

Get the Bathroom Guest-Ready, Too

Naturally guests will need to shower, put on makeup, do their hair, brush their teeth, etc., when staying in your home. Whether they’ll have their own bathroom or share yours, at the very least, make sure it is clutter-free, organized and ready for them.

However, again — when you want to impress, details matter. Pro tip: In addition to bath and hand towels, make sure to have an extra toothbrush, razor, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, tissues and other bathroom necessities handy. Have them tucked away in a drawer in case your guests need them or realize they left something at home. It’s a small gesture that will let them know that their comfort was well thought out.

Time to Begin Your Relaxing Room Renovation

What else makes you cozy and comfortable (besides hosting your family and friends in the first place)? Replicate and implement those same ideas within your guest room. As always, Acima can help you fit nice furniture and decor purchases comfortably into your budget; with our lease-to-own options you can bring your vision to life in any room affordably, all without credit*. Once you’re done, all there’s left to do is enjoy your company as much as they’ll enjoy the accommodations you created for them.