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Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

May 07, 2022

A young couple sitting on the couch after a successful moving experience.

Moving gets a bad rap — and it’s true, it can be very stressful! In fact, 45% of people say moving is by far the most stressful event in life.[1] So, it goes without saying that many people are in need of some serious support while transitioning to a new home. That’s where we come in. Consider this article to be your trusted source for moving hacks that will take the stress out of the experience and make it less painful. Let’s get moving!

What to Do Prior to Moving Day

  1. Make a List: It’s important to create a system! Before you start putting random things in boxes and confusing yourself when things get moved around without a label, write it all down. Number every box that’s packed up, and keep tabs of the general contents of each box.

  2. Supplies: Load up on all the packing materials you need, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packing materials. When in doubt, get more than you think you might need.

  3. Color Code: One thing that can be helpful is color coding boxes by room. For instance, all “living room” items might go in a box with green tape (and you of course follow piece of advice #1 above, making sure to write all the contents down). All “kitchen” items are assigned blue, and so on. This will help movers (if you hire them) know where to put things, and it will make the organizational process much more efficient.

  4. Pack Early: You’ve probably heard horror stories about people who wait until the last minute. Maybe you’ve been one of them! To avoid kicking things off on a chaotic note, give yourself ample time to pack everything up.

  5. Make Use of Luggage: Boxes are great, but don’t forget about luggage pieces, gym bags or backpacks that can double as containers for moving items.

  6. Keep Your Valuables Safe: There’s a lot to keep track of during a move. You’re essentially packing up your whole life. Due to the sheer immensity of the task, things can get moved around, set aside and even forgotten occasionally. To avoid this, keep valuables like jewelry, watches and heirlooms with you in a special, secure place. The same goes for important documents.

What to Do After Moving Day

Often, when people think of moving they think of the actual day of moving. What’s often overlooked is what happens next, after you’re in your new place and it’s time to start unboxing all the things you spent so much time packing.

To avoid headaches, we recommend taking things one color (aka one room) at a time. This will help ensure that all the items for a particular room are kept together and you won’t get your boxes and belongings mixed up.

After you’ve finished unpacking, take your time as you begin to put things in their proper place. It’s not a race! And you know what they say about Rome not being built in a day. Be intentional about putting things where they go. You’ve moved everything you own from its usual place to a completely different home. It can be easy to lose track and get overwhelmed.

The Fun Part

Now for the best part: arranging the furniture! Everyone’s situation is different. You may have transferred all of your preexisting furniture from House A to House B. You might have unloaded all of your furniture with the goal of completely renovating your style. Or, you may find yourself somewhere in the middle — you’ve got some pieces, but you’ll need others to complete your space.

Here’s where Acima Leasing can help. Moving can be expensive, and we’re sensitive to that. Our lease-to-own* solutions can help you shop for the pieces you need — when you need them — without having to wait for the bank to approve you for credit. What that means is, instead of charging things to a credit card or paying for everything upfront, we’ll work with you to get the things you need without using credit.* This opens the door to more shopping power!

With Acima Leasing, you can get approved to lease up to $4,000 in merchandise. That means if you’re in need of a couch for the living room, a stovetop for the kitchen and a mattress for the bedroom, you can shop today! You can shop for what you want now by making manageable lease renewal payments*. If you make the number of payments defined under your lease or exercise the option to purchase it early at a discount, the stuff is yours! After you’re settled and you decide you no longer need the items, you can easily return them in good condition at any time with no other ties. At Acima Leasing you can make settling into your new space easy and affordable. Wins all around.

Acima Leasing is here to help ease your moving process, making the process of moving into your new home (congrats!) attainable and — dare we say — fun! If you still have questions about how it works, learn more here or on our FAQ page.

(1) “Study Finds Moving, a Break-Up, and Getting Married the Most Stressful Events in Life” –, Oct. 1, 2020