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Prepping Your Patio for Spring Gatherings

Feb 21, 2024

A person cleaning their patio and preparing to place new furniture and decorations to entertain guests.

As we all anticipate the warmth of spring after a cold winter, our thoughts naturally turn to home improvement projects, especially when it comes to our yards and gardens. Now is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your outdoor living space for the upcoming season of backyard barbecues, spring garden parties and serene sunset gatherings. However, the challenge often lies in finding a budget-friendly approach that doesn’t compromise on quality, function or style.  

If you’re seeking comprehensive solutions for your outdoor space prepping plans this spring, keep on reading!  

Cultivate Your Outdoor Sanctuary 

Embarking on a spring patio makeover doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start the process by taking a closer look at your current patio setup. Begin with cleaning and maintenance; sometimes a thorough wash and minor repairs can bring your existing outdoor furniture and surrounding space back to life.  

Don’t forget to scrutinize your patio surface; it might be time for re-staining or resealing. If you have access to a power washer, it can significantly speed up the patio cleaning process, ensuring a squeaky-clean start to your transformation. A well-maintained base can dramatically improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space and contribute to its longevity.   

Infuse Style and Comfort 

With the backbone of your patio in pristine condition, it’s time to inject personality into the space. Patio furniture cleaning is a must — but if you’re looking to upgrade or add pieces, consider styles that reflect the leisurely ambiance of spring. Soft cushions, lighting and vibrant planters can transform your outdoor space into an inviting oasis. 

Then come the showcase pieces: your outdoor furniture. Here are some things to keep in mind:  

  • Regardless of its size, maximizing its potential to suit your style and needs is key. Multifunctional furniture pieces can serve various purposes, making the most of the available space and ensuring that your patio is both stylish and functional.  

  • Be sure to consider the layout, flow and size of your outdoor space before shopping for any outdoor furniture.  

  • Invest in comfortable seating and durable, weather-resistant furniture. Opt for materials that can withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor oasis remains inviting throughout the season. 

Envision Your Springtime Oasis Without the Shopping Stress 

As much as you may desire to fill your space with new patio furniture, budgets often pose a challenge. Acima Leasing is an innovative lease-to-own solution that allows you to lease the outdoor furniture you desire by offering flexibility in your shopping choices.  

As a lease-to-own solution that allows you to shop without using without using credit*, Acima Leasing offers a manageable way to get furniture pieces when you’re ready. With flexible payment options, Acima Leasing empowers you with more shopping power. This can help enable you to create the outdoor haven of your dreams with a flexible payment option.  

Maximize Your Outdoor Spring Vibe  

Capturing the vibrant spirit of spring through welcoming layouts, bold colors and fun accessories will go a long way to revitalize your home’s exterior. Some popular ideas: 

  • Create distinct areas for dining, lounging, and entertainment can give your space a well-designed and cohesive look. 

  • Add outdoor accessories like colorful throw pillows, rugs and even an outdoor rug to define different zones within your patio.  

  • Consider swapping tired pots for bold, eye-catching planters.  

These simple changes can add instant dimension and life to your space, creating a welcoming oasis you’ll love to lounge in.

  Update Landscaping for a Truly Tranquil Space 

Don’t forget to extend your patio makeover to the surrounding landscape and garden! Planting a variety of flowers that bloom at different times during the spring ensures a continuous display of colors. Consider incorporating native plants and flowers to attract local wildlife and create a harmonious connection with nature. Add pathway lighting or solar-powered lanterns to illuminate your garden during the evening, enhancing the magical ambiance of your outdoor sanctuary.

   Invest in Quality and Sustainability 

Opting for sustainable materials in your outdoor items aligns with the rejuvenating spirit of spring, contributing positively to the environment. Look for furniture made from materials like teak, wrought iron or recycled plastic, as these options are known for their longevity and low maintenance. 

Also consider investing in durable and weather-resistant materials — it may require a slightly higher upfront cost, but it pays off in the long run. Then, protect them from the sun and rain with removable and washable covers to keep your furniture and cushions from being damaged by rain or harsh sunshine.   

Acima Leasing: Find a Patio Oasis

With careful assessment, creative infusion of style, and Acima Leasing, you can achieve a patio makeover that not only suits your taste but also enhances your overall well-being. Let your outdoor sanctuary mirror your peace of mind, knowing that you can have the living space of your dreams (indoors or out).