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Empowering Retail Growth: Acima's Shopify App for Seamless Lease-to-Own Solutions

Mar 07, 2024

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In today’s dynamic and intensely competitive e-commerce landscape, retailers are continually on the lookout for innovative solutions that not only set them apart but also drive growth. Lease-to-own (LTO) solutions have proven to have been that differentiator for many companies in recent years. And now at Acima Leasing, we have recently unveiled a highly anticipated offering to move the needle even more: The Acima Leasing Shopify App.   

This seamless integration opportunity is poised to redefine the retailer's e-commerce strategy and the customer’s online shopping experience. In this article, we will delve into the myriad benefits of this integration opportunity for you as a retailer, outlining how it is set to reshape the retailer landscape and unlock doors to the next level in your business growth.  

Revolutionizing E-commerce Integration 

At the forefront is the ability of Acima Leasing and Shopify to revolutionize the integration of lease-to-own directly into e-commerce businesses. This streamlined process eliminates the complexities associated with traditional payment methods, enabling retailers to offer a wider array of e-commerce check-out solutions to their customers during the shopping experience. The result? A new tool to contribute to the strategies geared toward the increase of cart conversions and the reduction of cart abandonment rates, pushing retailers into a more advantageous position in their competitive markets.  

Moreover, the Acima Leasing Shopify App empowers retailers who utilize Shopify, to easily incorporate a lease-to-own solution into their checkout processes. This adaptability caters to the broad shopping preferences of customers, contributing to a positive experience and encouraging customer loyalty. Also, the integration opens the opportunity for retailers to be seen as innovators in the market with a tool that assists with brand presence as well as supports the factors that foster repeat business.  

Championing Inclusion in Shopping Experiences 

Included within the Acima Leasing Shopify Integration is a commitment to expanding access to essential products for customers looking to shop with more flexibility. Almost half of U.S. consumers can be categorized as non-prime consumers who may be seeking a way to shop without using credit* (1). The lease-to-own model empowers retailers to champion inclusion within the e-commerce space, catering specifically to customers who may not qualify for traditional shopping check-out solutions. This strategic approach allows retailers to tap into a broader customer base, encouraging repeat business and setting the stage for sustainable growth.  

Prioritizing inclusion in payment option strategies for shoppers not only can translates into opportunities for increased sales but also caters to the needs of a potentially more loyal customer base. Customers appreciate the flexibility offered by a lease-to-own solution, enhancing the brand's image and positioning retailers as advocates for shopping power in their business model.  

Unlocking Multifaceted Benefits 

The lease-to-own model facilitated by the Acima Leasing Shopify App Integration presents a myriad of benefits for both retailers and customers alike. Retailers can be exposed to new potential traffic and chances for increased sales. This assistance not only supports businesses but also provides them with the space to invest in other growth initiatives, expand their product offerings, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.  

On the customer front, the appeal of shopping power and the prospect of eventually owning the product if a customer chooses to make all payments specified in the lease serve as powerful motivators. By offering a lease-to-own solution that gives access to tailored payment experiences, retailers enhance customer satisfaction, build lasting relationships, and position themselves as customer-centric brands in the market.  

Adapting to Dynamic Market Trends 

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, staying abreast of market trends is essential for sustained success. The Acima Leasing Shopify Integration positions retailers as industry leaders by seamlessly aligning with key market trends. The increasing demand for new shopping payment solutions that are inclusive of today’s consumer needs makes lease-to-own solutions a valuable asset in any forward-thinking retail strategy.  

This integration empowers retailers to offer a lease solution at check-out, effectively catering to a wider audience. By doing so, merchants not only meet the current needs of their customer base but also set up their business for long-term success. The adaptability offered by the Acima Leasing Shopify Integration ensures that merchants can navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape with confidence and agility.  

The Retailer’s Edge with Acima Leasing 

Embracing the Acima Leasing Shopify Integration goes beyond adopting cutting-edge technology; it is a strategic imperative for retailers aiming to thrive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. The integration positions businesses for scalable success by providing a powerful tool to drive growth, expand reach, and seamlessly adapt to market trends. 

Retailers working with Acima Leasing can offer their customers the flexibility they deserve, adding to strategies of their business that target higher sales, customer loyalty growth, and increased profitability. If you are using or going to be using Shopify with your e-commerce business, talk to us about how integrating the Acima Leasing Shopify App into your business strategy could work for you. The future of e-commerce is here, and it's time for you as a retailer to go for the opportunities that help your business grow. 

1. “The Consumer Credit Card Market.” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, September 2021