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Top Eyewear Trends of 2024

Jan 31, 2024

A family happily shopping for the top eyewear trends in a store.

Look around — notice the latest eyewear fashions people are sporting? These trends truly make a statement and give the world insight into the unique style you want to express. So how can you get on board, no matter what your budget looks like? Let’s put the focus on some answers and ideas.   

This year, eyewear takes center stage with innovative designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Luckily, accessing high-fashion accessories has become more accessible, thanks to Acima Leasing! We’ll delve into the top eyewear trends of 2024 that cater to every taste and discuss how Acima Leasing can help you effortlessly embrace these stylish pieces.  

Embrace Bold Shapes and Sizes: 

Fashionable eyewear in 2024 is all about making a statement. No longer confined to playing it safe with standard shapes, eyewear designers are pushing boundaries by creating bold and oversized frames that allow you to showcase your personality. From geometric to abstract shapes, finding the perfect frame to complement your face shape has never been more exciting — but also simultaneously nerve-wracking.  

Understanding the variations of selecting the right shape involves considering facial features such as the jawline, cheekbones and forehead. For instance, geometric frames can accentuate sharp facial features, while abstract shapes provide a quirky and unique look. The artistry of these designs is a testament to the creativity within the eyewear industry, making the process of choosing eyewear an engaging and personalized experience. 

Need help figuring out which shape best fits you? No need to stress! Read more about finding the right shape and size of eyewear that complements your face shape. 

Innovate with Eyewear Materials: 

The latest eyewear fashion transcends mere aesthetics; it’s also about the materials used. Dive deeper into the world of innovative eyewear materials, and you’ll discover the fascinating intersection of fashion, sustainability and cutting-edge technology. Now, your eyewear can make a statement not only about your style, but also about your values.   

Explore the journey of recycled plastics from their origin to becoming stylish frames that grace your face. Eyewear technology has ushered in the use of sustainable and unconventional materials, such as recycled plastics and bio-based acetates.  Derived from plant-based sources, bio-based acetates not only offer a sophisticated appearance but also contribute to a more eco-friendly fashion landscape. The intricate details of these materials showcase the commitment of the eyewear industry to environmental responsibility.  

Color Your World with Vibrant Hues: 

You’ll notice this year’s trends introduce a vibrant explosion of color in eyewear, with hues ranging from warm tortoiseshell to cool blues or pinks to classic but bold black. With designer eyewear leading the charge, you can trust that the colors from every brand align with current trends.   

To understand where they derive their inspiration, let’s get into the psychology of color and understand how different hues can influence mood and perception. Warm tortoiseshell tones evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication, while cool hues impart a funky vibe. Next, explore the world of color theory and discover the subtle art of coordinating eyewear hues with your wardrobe. The interplay of colors adds an extra layer of depth to your style, making glasses not just an accessory but a canvas for expressing your own personality.  

Revolutionize with Eyewear Technology: 

The exciting world of eyewear technology is quickly transforming the way we perceive and interact with fashion. This seamless marriage of form and function proves that eyewear can be both highly stylish and incredibly useful.   

Explore the intricate details of augmented reality capabilities in smart glasses, turning your eyewear into a portal to a digital dimension. Understand the science behind blue light protection, providing a shield against digital eye strain and ensuring your eyes remain comfortable in our technology-driven world. The convergence of fashion and technology in eyewear opens up new possibilities, allowing you to embrace the future while staying impeccably stylish.  

Look into Lease-to-Own to Shop Trendy Eyewear: 

In the realm of eyewear, there’s no right or wrong style, color or shape; everyone is different. The key is to have fun exploring new styles and finding what makes you feel confident. And whether you want to wear frames from your favorite designer or go with an option that’s less expensive but still on trend, Acima Leasing is here to help you get the glasses you want.  

If you’ve never looked into using lease-to-own, this is the perfect time to start! With Acima Leasing you can shop at some of your favorite retailers and get the eyewear you desire without using credit.* Our fast applications and flexible payment options are made to fit your lifestyle (just like your new glasses!) and shopping needs.  

Big, Bold and Budget-Friendly Eyewear Can Be Yours  

Whether you’re drawn to bold shapes, innovative materials, vibrant hues or cutting-edge technology, today’s eyewear design choices have something for everyone. And Acima Leasing makes accessing these trendy pieces easie. So embrace the future of eyewear fashion to express your unique style and values with confidence!