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Transform Your Bathroom with These Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas

Aug 09, 2021

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After spending more time in our homes than ever before this past year, it’s hard not to notice when you have a bathroom that could use some (or a lot of) updating. As one of the most private rooms in a home, the bathroom should feel like a sanctuary — how you decorate, organize and accessorize it goes a long way to make that happen. At the very least, you want a look that’s clean and clutter-free, but it’s the spa-like touches that really make it feel like a peaceful place to relax and decompress.

However, like most people, you may not have the cash on hand to redo your bathroom from top to bottom. Or maybe, you live in an apartment and don’t have the option to renovate. Not to worry. We have some small-space solutions, easy DIY tips and other ideas that will allow you to create the comfortable, luxurious bathroom you deserve without draining your savings.

Incorporate These Illuminating Ideas

Nothing sets the tone in any space quite like lighting. It also adds functionality to your bathroom — whether it’s general lighting for the whole space, focused illumination for specific tasks (like putting on makeup) or for highlighting key design elements, or supplementary lighting for especially dark corners.

So, one of the first and more inexpensive steps in sprucing up a bathroom should be to see how you can update and install new lighting fixtures. Even just replacing outdated fixtures with more modern options will give your decor a surprisingly simple face lift. Shop any of our retailers that sell lighting, lamps and other fixtures, and you’ll discover a wide variety of budget-friendly decor ideas to achieve the look and feel you’re going for.

It’s Not Hard to Refresh Your Hardware

Another easy refresh is replacing or updating the faucets and hardware handles on your sinks, countertop, bathtub/shower, cabinets, even towel bars and door handles to achieve the bathroom style you want. For example, if you love a modern look, try chrome faucets and fixtures that feature clean, simple lines. If you prefer a more casual, farmhouse look, then you could use vintage drawer handles. And don’t forget the mirror — like any wall hanging, updating the shape, size or framing to complement the new hardware will really help tie everything together.

Simple adjustments such as these can make your bathroom feel more like you. But if you’re not sure where to start with a new style, here’s a handy pro tip: You’ll want the design of your bedroom and your bathroom to complement each other. So when in doubt, take cues from your bedroom’s interior and implement them within your bathroom.

Let Color Help Create a Mood

Color has the power to affect our mood and emotions. So when you’re trying to create a calming, comfortable environment inside your bathroom, it’s important to know which colors will achieve that effect. At the same time, you will want to choose hues that help you express your individuality.

For instance, if you like to display bright, bold art decor on your walls, then using a darker color (at least on an accent wall) would help draw the desired attention to those pieces. Conversely, you can make your bathroom feel more spacious by using a softer shade on the walls. A soft blue is a popular choice because it also helps to invoke the calm feeling of being at the ocean.

If you need inspiration or ideas of what color best sets the mood you want, check out our article all about the effects that different colors can have on your space.

Transform Your Style with Tile

Watch any home design show and you’ll quickly discover that to give your bathroom floors or walls a fresh new look, tiling may be the way to go. With hundreds (even thousands) of tile designs, patterns, sizes and textures to choose from, this is a popular way to give your bathroom that “wow” factor you’re going for.

In addition to different tile styles, you can also play with several ways to install the tile. Larger tiles can be more budget-friendly because it requires fewer tiles and much less grouting. Another affordable option is using peel-and-stick tiles, which is to floors what wallpaper is to walls. They are easy to install (even for the DIY-project-challenged) and can be removed whenever you want without causing damage to the surface. You can also restrict the tiles to certain areas of the bathroom that get wet to help reduce costs even more.

Accent with Accessories and Organizers

We’re talking about your bathroom here, so when considering what accents to add, simple and streamlined will go a long way to keep your space feeling fresh and new (especially in small spaces). It could be as simple as using coordinating necessities like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and storage jars in styles that complement your existing decor. If you want to take pampering to the next level, add a few spa accessories like body scrubs, moisturizers and a fragrant candle.

If you have the room, open shelves and textured accessories like woven baskets not only add a luxurious touch, but can also help keep your bathroom organized, which is helpful for reducing stress and maintaining the height of Zen design. 

Treat Yourself to Plush Towels

No bathroom can be a complete spa-like retreat without upgrading your bath towels, robe and bathmat to ones that offer a thick, plush feel. In fact, it’s one of the simplest ways both to give your bathroom a new, upscale hotel vibe and to pamper yourself every day. And while spa-quality textiles sometimes come with an upscale price tag, these days you can find lots of affordable options that provide the same type of fluff and comfort in the colors you love.

Upgrade Affordably with Acima’s Lease-to-Own Option

From waking up in the morning to winding down at night, you deserve a bathroom that not only makes taking care of yourself easier and more enjoyable, but also lets you escape the stresses and worries of the world. Acima can help you avoid additional stress on your budget: With the lease-to-own no credit option*, you can get all the things on your upgrade list without the hassle of interest and late fees — just make affordable payments as you go. Then you can take that relaxing bubble bath in your dream space knowing you didn’t have to dip into credit or pay more upfront cash than you needed to make it come to life.



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