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Unique Seating Ideas for Your Living Room

Mar 03, 2023

A view of a young woman sitting comfortably in her unique living room furniture at home.

When it comes to naming the key space in any home, the living room usually wins hands down. What other room gets used more often to host get-togethers with friends, enjoy movie and game nights, or just as a secondary space for winding down after a long day? So it may go without saying that comfortable seating is one of the most crucial components of any living room.   

Of course, in most cases the classic couch and accent chair combo is there to do the job … but why stop there? Do you need more to make guests more comfortable? Do you struggle with adding more seating in less space? Or do you just want to add a pop of personality?   

If you’re looking for different ways to add seating to your space — as well as an easy alternative to financing that you can use to get them — read on for tried-and-true solutions that we simply just couldn’t sit on.  

Shopping for New Seating  

Finding new seating for your space can be tough. Not only are there so many options to choose from (as you’re about to learn), but your shopping experience may be limited by the locations of stores available in your area, prices, credit issues and more. But with Acima Leasing, you got this. With the various lease-to-own solutions* Acima Leasing provides, you’ll find your shopping power and get the items you need without using credit*. Best of all, you can use Acima Leasing at thousands of retailers across the nation when you shop in store. 

Chaise Lounge 

If you want to go for seating with a chic but relaxing vibe, you can’t go wrong with a chaise lounge. Because its structure allows the user to lie comfortably in a half-sitting or all-lounging position, the right chaise (also known as a divan or “fainting couch” back in the day) creates a comfy, inviting place in your home to get under a blanket, read a book and unwind anytime you want.  

When shopping for a chaise lounge, you’ll encounter a variety of styles, including in the shape of the seat, ones with back support when sitting upright or the classic style that simply allows you to stretch out your legs. So make sure the one you choose aligns not only with your preferred aesthetic, but with the level of comfort you want to enjoy. And while not specifically designed for guest seating, a chaise lounge is always perfect as an extra area where a few people can sit comfortably. 



Don’t be fooled by the fact that sectionals are one of the more common (and popular!) seating arrangements seen in homes — they can still provide a unique seating experience for you and your guests. Sectionals provide one long section (naturally) that can be useful as secondary storage, more-than-ample extra seating for guests or a spot to really stretch out for an afternoon nap. However, keep in mind that sectionals only work if you have the room for it; if your space is small, it may not be the best choice.    

That said, even if you are struggling with a smaller space, a sectional can replace multiple seats, creating a sleeker and more polished look. Having a single couch rather than multiple chairs can make a space seem less cramped or cluttered. Just remember the No. 1 rule when it comes to shopping for the right sectional — take measurements of your space first! 


Statement Seating 

Adding ample seating in your living room doesn’t always have to be all about function. You can have fun with fashion as well! Statement colors, funky fabrics and unique features can help you create a memorable design experience without sacrificing comfort or practicality. For example, a hanging egg chair is a great way to bring out your room’s playful side. Or get creative with your couch; the depth and richness of a jewel-toned, mid-century modern-style sofa can easily serve as the focal point of a room.  


Need to keep it small and affordable? Enter the ottoman, perfect for providing seating and surface area in one fell swoop while saving you money and space. When not used as a footstool, an ottoman can be utilized as a coffee table — just add a small tray for stability underneath any drinks or fragile items. And when you have guests, just clear off anything on top of the ottoman and move it into an ideal position — they’re usually small enough to fit anywhere! 


Recliners are a classic chair to have in any family living room. But if you’re concerned today’s recliners resemble the large, chunky, clunky chairs that you may have grown up with, you can rest easy (or rather, easier). Nowadays they’re available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors; many also come with an ottoman or footstool that can also be utilized as seating.  

If you’re looking to level up your relaxation game even more for yourself or your guests, take advantage of new technology like power reclining, massage capabilities, built-in speakers and ports to charge your phone or laptop. Definitely not your father’s chair! 

Fireside Seating 

If your living room has a fireplace that leaves awkward spaces to either side, consider putting in some benches or other types of fireside seating. Bonus: These benches can be multi-purposeful. When guests arrive, you can clear some room for extra seating to accommodate large gatherings. When guests leave, feel free to decorate with books, picture frames or pillows for a traditional seating look. These benches can also provide storage space underneath for firewood, extra blankets and more.  

Also, don’t forget the hearth! A large raised hearth is the perfect place to add cushions or pillows and use as already-built-in seating off of the floor. 


Granted, stools may not be the most comfortable option for long-term sitting, but they are lifesavers when you need to add seating to a small space while providing a unique look and feel. When shopping for a stool (or set of stools), consider its potential multiple uses to determine which height might suit your needs best. Taller stools are ideal for setting around a kitchen that has a breakfast bar or island; they can also double as a perch to keep plants or vases high off of the floor. If you have an open floor plan where high-backed chairs make it difficult to see into another room, consider shorter stools that won’t compromise your aesthetic goals or your sight line. 

Floor Cushions 

If you wind up with more guests than seating, but you have ample floor space, floor cushions are a fantastic solution. Whether they’re for a kids’ game night or a casual dinner with friends, floor cushions allow everyone to get comfortable and sit in on the conversation or activity; then they can be easily tucked away when not in use. Plus there are so many sizes, styles and colors you could choose from when you shop — so have fun with them!  

Create Your Ideal Seating Scenario with Acima 

Finding the furniture you need shouldn’t be difficult — and neither should paying for it. Fortunately, Acima Leasing understands the struggles that can come with shopping for items you want. With Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solutions*, you can unlock your shopping power within minutes, get the perfect seating for your space and make affordable payments that sit well with your budget!