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Unlocking Growth with the Right Lease-to-Own Solution

Mar 21, 2024

A smiling employee warmly engages with a happy couple, discussing furniture options for their home in the inviting atmosphere of the store.

Unlocking growth and expanding market reach in today’s retail landscape means taking time to seek and embrace retail strategies that address the ever-developing needs and preferences of today’s consumers. But where do you start when you feel like you don’t know where to learn more?   

More businesses are turning to the adoption of lease-to-own (LTO) solutions as a means to support their sales growth strategies. This lease solution with flexible payment options offers a variety of benefits for both retailers and consumers alike. However, to truly capitalize on this wave, understanding the significance of choosing the right LTO solution provider is crucial.   

In this article, we will break down the essential criteria for selecting an LTO solution provider to work with and highlight why Acima Leasing stands out as the perfect fit.  

Customer Experience Expertise 

A central factor in selecting an LTO partner is their ability to enhance your customers’ experience with your store and brand. Your ideal provider should bridge the gap between your retail business and your potential customers that may be currently unable to shop for products they want and need due to shopping barriers.  

Acima Leasing excels in this area, ensuring a smooth journey for customers from the initial application to the end of the lease agreement and beyond to future shopping experiences. This commitment simplifies the entire lease-to-own process for the customer, fostering a positive experience that encourages repeat business

Partnership Approach 

A collaborative approach between a retailer and an LTO provider is instrumental in driving sales through LTO solutions. It is crucial to align with a company that has a dedicated team to ensure retailer employees are well-trained on LTO and ready to assist customers.  

Acima Leasing understands the value of that kind of collaboration. That’s why we offer support that goes beyond mere customer shopping power. By choosing Acima Leasing, retailers gain a partner invested in their success, with a team ready to assist in areas such as training, tech support and even marketing. 

Flexible Payment Schedules 

To cater to the diverse payment preferences of today’s customers, offering flexibility and multiple payment methods is crucial. Acima Leasing stands out by offering a variety of payment schedules including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options that conveniently work with a customer’s payday. This flexibility supports more product accessibility for your customers when they are making shopping decisions. Many consumers are looking to shop without using credit*, making lease-to-own options more appealing to a broader range of consumers than traditional financing methods. 

Easy Implementation 

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, time is of the essence. Retailers need a point-of-sale lease-to-own solutions provider with turnkey integrations for both in-store and online environments, enabling them to tap into underserved consumers. Acima Leasing offers those seamless integration solutions, ensuring a quick and hassle-free implementation process. This efficiency allows retailers to capitalize on LTO opportunities without unnecessary delays.  

Why Acima Leasing Stands Out 

Acima Leasing distinguishes itself as a leading LTO provider by ticking all the boxes outlined above:  

  • Competitive Customer Experience: A dedicated team ensures a smooth journey for customers as they get their lease and use their approval amount — enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging brand loyalty. 

  • Flexible Payment Options: Convenient and flexible payment options adapt to individual needs and preferences, giving your customers shopping power. 

  • Complete Transparency: Upfront and transparent communication builds trust and confidence with retailers and customers. If there are questions you can get in touch with us on our FAQ page. 

  • Easy Integration: Turnkey solutions integrate effortlessly into existing systems, facilitating a quick and hassle-free implementation. 

Their Shopping Power Is Your Growth Potential Selecting the right LTO provider to work with is key for retailers looking for growth opportunities. Acima Leasing’s expertise, stability and customer-centric approach make it the perfect ally in navigating the evolving retail landscape and capitalizing on the benefits of lease-to-own solutions.   Ready to get started? Let’s chat