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Your Shopper's Guide to Affordable Gaming Desks

Dec 03, 2021

A woman with headphones playing on a computer at a gaming desk

The Importance of a Great Gaming Desk

Gaming can be many things: an art, a pastime, a passion, even a sport. And, like any activity that people take very seriously, playing at your highest level requires the right equipment. So you’ve got the right monitor, the right system, the right controllers — but do you have the right desk?

Every gamer needs a great gaming desk. Your gaming setup is key,1 and while it may not make you a better player — though, then again, it absolutely might — being comfortable and enjoying the right desk is a win in and of itself. But different desks offer different features. So, which desk is best? That’s why we’re here! Read on to figure out which gaming desk is best for you.

When considering which gaming desk to shop for, we believe there are seven factors to consider. They are:

1.    Footprint

The first thing you’ll want to consider is how big of a desk you want. Your desk (and don’t forget your gaming chair!) should be the right size for your space. If you’ve got plenty of room, a small desk may look dwarfed by its surroundings. On the flipside, no matter how dedicated of a gamer you are, you don’t want to be squeezing past your desk every time you walk through the room. Carefully measure where you plan to put your desk, and make sure there’s ample space for your desk chair. You’ll want something that fits the space perfectly; the right size will make the desk all the more inviting.

2.    Height

When it comes to gaming, you’ll probably spend a good amount of time at your desk. That’s why it’s important to consider ergonomics. You’ll want your desk’s height to be about even with your elbows, so your wrists can rest comfortably. The right desk height also ensures posture support, meaning you don’t have to hunch or strain your back to be level with the game’s screen. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your eyes won’t be too close to the screen, and that you won’t be craning your neck upward or downward in any way.

3.    Configuration

There are many gaming desk shapes to choose from, and all of them can have a different impact on the style of your gaming space.

●      L-shaped desks are great because they provide ample surface area with plenty of room for a mousepad, headphone hook, gaming monitor and cable management. And, because of their shape, they’re a perfect option if you plan on placing your desk in a corner of a room.

●      There are also U-shaped desks that offer even more surface area. However, because the U shape is generally a bigger desk, you’ll need plenty of space.

●      If you don’t have a ton of space for a big desk, a corner desk might be your best bet; look for something compact and minimal. However, if gaming extras and peripherals are important to you, this configuration may not be your best option.

●      Rectangular desks are what many people tend to think of when they think of a suitable gaming desk. These desks generally offer plenty of surface space for gaming needs, but they can be cumbersome and less adaptable than something like an L-shaped desk.

4.    Cable Management

Superior cable management is (read: should be) a priority for gamers. With so many cords and connections running out and about, it’s easy to quickly ruin the aesthetic of your new desk.

Look for gaming desks that allow you to hide your cables with built-in cable management features, such as cable trays, cable nets, holes and grommets and slots.  

5.    Ergonomics

As mentioned, the size and ergonomics of your gaming station are important. Some features that can positively impact your health are the ergonomics of your desk that include height adjustability (such as a standing desk), built-in monitor arms, built-in monitor platforms and curved table edges that prevent hunching. Basically, you need plenty of room so that you’re comfortable for extended game play.

6.    Weight Capacity

Depending on your preferred desk configuration, construction quality and materials, it’s important to consider the desk’s weight capacity, or how much weight your desk will be able to bear. Typically, retailers will include capacity limits within their specs. It’s always a good idea to review this to ensure that your new desk is strong enough to hold all of your gaming equipment without fear of breaking.

7.    Style

When it comes to gaming desks, the style is completely up to you! If you envision your desk going in a home office, bedroom or living area, we recommend aligning the materials used, color and overall aesthetic to that of your other furniture pieces, for the sake of unity and cohesion. Otherwise, which style you choose really comes down to personal preference.

An Important Final Thought

Speaking of styles, Acima partners with many name-brand furniture retailers who offer all the latest styles and models of gaming desks. With Acima, you can shop now and pay later* for your gaming desk — and enjoy the convenience and affordability of today’s latest models ASAP! If you make the number of payments defined under your lease or exercise an option to purchase it early at a discount, it’s yours! If you no longer need it, you can simply return it in good condition at any time without further obligation. Plus, our electronics partners make collecting all the gaming accessories you could ever need simple, too.


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