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Eight Great Tips For Prioritizing Your 2023 Business Goals

Jan 13, 2023

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It’s a new year! And 2023 brings lots of new opportunities for business growth. Now’s your chance to aim for the goals you may not have hit in 2022. These goals can be overwhelming for a business to tackle, but learning to prioritize your goals can help you achieve them. In this article, we’ll give you eight solid tips to help you know where to focus your energy in 2023. Let’s get started! 

1. Set Attainable Goals 

Aligning your business goals can help you understand where your company can realistically go in the future. Your business goals don’t have to be difficult. . . but they do have to be attainable! Here’s a stunning statistic: Only 51% of companies even attempt to develop aligned goals (1). That means, when you plan out a set of attainable goals, you’re already doing better than almost half of the companies out there! Ensuring that your business goals are realistic and achievable is the best way to begin reaching them. But remember, while it’s important to push yourself and stretch your goals, it can be detrimental to stretch too far — and you could end up not meeting your goals at all. 

2. Focus on the Now 

It can be overwhelming to view goals that stretch out across the entire year. For this reason, it’s important to focus on the now. While it’s important to think long term, it’s just as important to think short term. Home in on what you want to achieve in the first quarter of 2023, then move on from there. Breaking down larger goals into near-term actionable steps can provide clarity on what to focus on right now. Creating these building blocks can help you and your team prioritize the important things that need attention, without getting overwhelmed. 

3. Use Customer Insights 

Communicating with your customers can provide many insights that will benefit your business. Ask lots of questions, and think about where your customer’s mindset is this year — and how it has evolved. What are your customer’s pain points? Where else are your customers shopping? These insights may help to pinpoint what your business should prioritize in 2023. If, when gathering these insights, you find that your customers are looking for flexible lease renewal payment options, Acima Leasing’s lease-to-own solutions* can help. Acima Leasing offers your customers greater shopping power while allowing you to attract previously out of reach customers.

4. Consider the Full Timeline of Your Goal 

It's crucial to understand each step of a goal. Sometimes we set goals that will require certain steps to be completed first — and sometimes those steps may be out of your control. When prioritizing your business goals for 2023, make sure to get everyone on the same page and see exactly what needs to happen before you jump in. 

5. Be Flexible 

Being flexible with your goals will benefit you and your business when unexpected changes are needed. It’s important to recognize that plans — no matter how detailed and thought through — might change. Forty-six percent of companies review or revise their goals throughout the year (2), and these companies are often the most successful. Planning for changes or having the mindset to do so will help your business avoid getting stuck when something out of your control occurs. 

6. Seek Out Trends 

Speaking of plans, it’s important to recognize that not every goal or project your company sets out to achieve will be relevant to your audience at the time. If you have a particular project scheduled but another goal or opportunity presents itself due to trends, give serious thought to taking the new opportunity. 

7. Find What You DON’T Want to Do 

You should understand that your business won’t be able to meet every goal you’d like to achieve this year, attainable or otherwise. Setting too many goals can lead to a lack of clarity within your business. When it comes to setting goals, focus on quality over quantity, and think about what you don’t want or don’t need to do this year. 

8. Work Together 

When prioritizing goals this year, take a moment to talk with your team to gain more insight. Working together to set and prioritize goals can be elevated when you get multiple minds thinking on them. Eighty percent of employees who help to set goals at work feel like their ideas are taken seriously, leading to increased engagement (1). 

Acima Leasing Can Help!

These tips can help you identify what goals and projects to prioritize and how to do so this year. If your goals include growing your audience or increasing sales, Acima Leasing might be a great option for your business. We offer customers a chance to shop for what they want without using cash or credit* — a system that could open up a whole new customer base for your business.

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