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Marketing Channels to Prioritize for Your Business

Aug 19, 2022

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There are so many channels to work with when creating your marketing strategy that it can be a little overwhelming. Which ones will work to meet your goals? With what channels do your customers engage the most? Will you find more of them on Twitter or TikTok?

Whether you want to expand brand awareness, actually facilitate a sales transaction or both, finding the right channel for your company’s needs is the first important step to take. And of course these days, digital and mobile marketing are where you should focus your attention and invest your dollars. So check out our recommendations on the best online marketing channels to consider, how to utilize them to prioritize your business, how to make sure they find and engage your customers — and even how to use one in particular to give you an even bigger edge over the competition (spoiler alert: it’s Acima Leasing).


If you still do not have e-commerce capabilities on your company’s website, you are missing out on one of the top revenue-makers for your business, since it allows customers to shop for products directly from your main website or platform. In fact, statistics show that 3.5% of visits to a company’s mobile site and 3.9% of desktop site visits turn into sales. [1] Those numbers may seem low, but when you consider how many millions of consumers are out there, these numbers are actually very good.

For maximum impact, make sure you develop e-commerce to be optimized both for your mobile and desktop platforms. The conversion rates are almost the same, but the user experience for each is different — so you’ll want to make a customer’s transactions (and overall user experience) to be as smooth as possible from whatever device they choose to shop.

Another thing you might want to consider is creating paid search ads. By using paid search keywords, you can help your company’s name move toward the top of search engine results when customers search for your type of business. Typically, being at the top of the list means more business results.

Social Media

By now you probably know that billions of people use social media.[2] And while “social” interaction counts for the bulk of engagement, this channel also provides a global reach to help brands boost awareness, find their audience, offer direct customer service and sell products.

Depending on your audience and your goals, there are a variety of different platforms to check out. And while it’s a good strategy to use as many social networks as make sense, remember that different sites cater to different age groups and audiences.

So it’s important to know: Out of those billions of people, which ones are you targeting, and which social sites are they using the most? That’s where you’ll want to be. For example, to reach the Gen Z or Alpha audience, hop on to TikTok and take advantage of a hyper-specific algorithm and over 1 billion users to get your video to the audience you want. Alternatively, consider logging on to Twitter to reach 211 million daily active users in both your business-to-business and older business-to-consumer audiences. [3]

Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most traditional but prevalent marketing tool available today. That’s because this channel still succeeds at effectively reaching a brand’s audience and building long-lasting relationships with customers. Email marketing can also be easily tailored for promoting events products with a sense of exclusivity.

If you don’t believe us, believe the numbers: Email marketing has an average click-through rate of 2.13%, and emails with effective, engaging content (i.e., targeted or personalized messaging) have average open rates of 26% or higher. [4] In other words, use language and offers in your marketing that make your email recipient feel like you know them — and that they’re a valued customer because they’re getting more of an “inside scoop” that others aren’t. It’s an easy tactic that works!


We have a little bit of an affinity for this particular means of marketing communication, for obvious reasons. Blogging is a classic channel that has been utilized for a while; it allows you as a business to share information and make commentary on topics that resonate with your audience, thus establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. After all, consumers are constantly searching for tips, tricks and life hacks — so why not direct them to you as that reliable source of solutions?

That said, some brands may see it as a dying channel or not worth the time. But statistics show that it might be more beneficial than you think, depending on your goals and your audience. In fact, 48% of companies currently use blogs as part of their content marketing strategy, and 10% say it generates their company’s biggest return on investment. [5] So it’s definitely an avenue worth pursuing if you haven’t already.

Use Acima Leasing to Create Your Competitive Advantage

Prioritizing the best channels through which to reach your customers will ultimately help you optimize your marketing strategy and reach your company’s revenue goals. And as long as you’re thinking of the best ways to expand your reach and get new customers, allow us to add one more: Consider offering a lease-to-own option* like Acima Leasing, which provides your customers with an alternative to credit*. Our manageable lease renewal payments* are a great solution for your customers who are looking tot shop without using credit*. If you’re still looking to learn more about Acima Leasing, read more here or on our FAQ page.

Explore our solutions* and see how linking your retail business to Acima Leasing could benefit your business by giving your customers — especially credit-challenged, unbanked and underbanked customers (which could give you a leg up on your competition) — an additional e-commerce channel to affordably access your products.

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