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Marketing Ideas to Add to Your Strategy

Apr 05, 2023

A business owner radiating excitement, empowered by newfound marketing strategies that propel business growth and success.

When you run a business, it’s a given that the outside forces that influence the marketing industry — whether it’s the customer you’re targeting, the social landscape or advances in technology — are constantly evolving. But lately, it all seems to be doing so at a breakneck pace that the technology is becoming difficult to keep up with.   

What’s both exciting and challenging is that as new technologies and platforms emerge, so do new trends and strategies. As each one gains ground in attaining new customers, companies need to be more nimble and open to learning new ways of doing business than ever before. In fact, it’s absolutely crucial that marketers understand where the industry is going so that they stay relevant and ahead of the game in the minds of their core customers. Otherwise, companies risk getting left behind, losing customers (and revenue) to more enlightened businesses.  

So, where can you begin to get ahead of the curve — and your competition? Below are five marketing ideas to add to your toolkit as strategies for improving your business’s chances for success in this ever-changing world.   

Virtual Events and Webinars 

Webinars are a marketing tool that became widely popularized after the pandemic to engage and generate leads from customers virtually from their home or office. While most webinars have followed a rather simple template, trends show more creative webinar platforms and tools are transforming the experience as the tool evolves (and viewers become more market-savvy). For example, in addition to providing easy viewing capabilities, webinars have implemented polls, chat and Q&As to create a more engaging experience with their viewers.   

More interactive and immersive opportunities inside webinars are also beginning to emerge. One example of this is clickable “calls to action” (CTAs) on the webinar page that help continue the shopper’s journey in real time. Companies are also using more resources to develop tools that can help measure the success this strategy has on growing their business.  


Influencer marketing — a new marketing concept of the digital era — is a partnership between a brand and an individual who has a large online following. Relying on these social media influencers’ ability to attract followers — then publicize and market your brand to their audience — is becoming a significant part of marketing strategies. The reason: It works. These influencers have become extremely successful at reaching new target audiences and creating connections for businesses that might not have been possible otherwise. Think of it as another form of “word of mouth” advertising — one of the most effective marketing strategies there is!  

Livestreams and Video-Based Content  

Video-based content is becoming a key focus area in social media and digital marketing, because it can capture a viewer’s attention for a longer amount of time compared to static posts. From TikToks to YouTube videos to Instagram Reels, marketers use bite-sized videos and livestreaming events to drive engagement and increase brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z audiences. In other words, they’re meeting their audience where they are spending most of their time — in the digital space.  

Additionally, videos give business spokespeople and influencers the ability to talk about their brand and products in more detail. Much like the webinars, this medium also provides similar opportunities to engage the viewer, such as providing links to the online store so they can go straight from watching to shopping.   

AI Marketing 

If your business is not becoming quickly aware of the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform your marketing efforts, the time is now to start educating yourself. While AI has been around for decades, recently developed tools like ChatGPT are emerging as essential assets for marketers with almost a limitless capacity to transform marketing and the marketplace in general.   

Basically, these new AI tools help your marketing teamwork smarter, not harder. For instance, they automate many routine marketing tasks, providing valuable insights and recommendations that enable marketers to focus on more strategic and creative work. Marketers are also using the ever-growing  AI options to assist in content creation, research and data analysis, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). And AI options seem to evolve by the day, so there’s no telling what else you’ll be able to accomplish in the future. 

Acima Leasing: The Easiest Win-Win Strategy to Add  

While the strategies listed above help to bring your product or business to your audience’s attention, here’s an idea that can help you truly win them over as a converted customer: Consider offering Acima Leasing as an alternative to financing. Our lease-to-own solutions* unlock shopping power for customers who don't want to use credit* or are unable to qualify for financing. This easy-to-implement program allows you to reach and attract previously out-of-reach customers, because you’ll provide them with access to the products they need that your competitors can’t. You’ll get customer support and access to choose marketing materials you need so you can take your best shot at converting customers and increasing business revenue immediately.  

Adding these marketing ideas to your business plan is key to helping you stay in sync with your core customers and ahead of competition. Try any combination of the ones listed above to capture your customers — then let Acima Leasing help you get them over the finish line and convert them!