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Showcasing Lease-to-Own with Point-of-Purchase Advertising

Apr 02, 2024

A contented man relaxes on a couch, happily browsing and shopping for his favorite items with ease on a digital device, appearing to enjoy being well-informed of his shopping options.

How often do you take a step back to consider your methods of communication with customers, especially when it involves explaining payment options during the shopping process? In the dynamic world of retail, introducing lease-to-own (LTO) solutions emerges as a strategic move for businesses looking to diversify their payment method offerings and secure a competitive edge.  However, the real challenge lies not just in providing these alternatives to financing, but in ensuring your customers are aware of them at the critical moment of deciding what to get. The solution? Effective point-of-purchase (POP) advertising.   

This targeted approach does more than just showcase available payment methods; it serves as a beacon, making sure customers are aware of their shopping options. By placing information about what your customers’ shopping options are within your instore or ecommerce shopping environments, your businesses could demystify shopping concerns, providing the reassurance your customers need to make informed choices.  

The Appeal of Lease-to-Own Solutions 

Lease-to-own solutions bridge the gap between immediate needs and flexible payments, allowing customers to have options while making shopping decisions. This innovative approach benefits retail businesses by widening the market reach to those who are looking for payment methods they could have access to while shopping for quality products to fit their lifestyle. For consumers, it translates to product accessibility and an easy way to get the products they want.  

Lease-to-Own Benefits for Business Growth 

Incorporating LTO solutions into your business strategies and effectively advertising them at the point of purchase can help a business’ customer base. It’s all about keeping the customers informed and showing them that their options are at the center of your business strategies. This approach not only attracts those looking for payment options, but it also fosters an inclusive shopping environment. The long-term benefits include a foundation that you can foster customer loyalty, support sale growth, and a strengthened brand reputation as a customer-centric retailer.  

The Role of Point-of-Purchase Advertising in Retail 

The effectiveness of POP advertising, whether in-store or online, lies in its ability to engage customers precisely where and when they are making their shopping decisions. As a retailer, the twofold impact of this strategy is invaluable: it could support higher conversion driving decisions by promoting LTO solutions while also fostering a deeper level of customer engagement by making it clear that the customer’s experience is important. In both physical and digital storefronts, properly executed POP advertising can demystify the use of lease-to-own in the shopping process, making it an attractive option for customers and, in turn, encouraging sale growth for your business. One of the benefits of working with lease-to-own provider like Acima Leasing  is the option to utilize our merchant portal which offers access to order easily customizable point-of- purchase materials. 


Point-of-Purchase Advertising For Retailers 

In Brick-and-Mortar Stores 

In the tactile world of brick-and-mortar retail, this strategy serves as a direct communication channel with customers. Not only that, using Acima Leasing’s industry-leading resources and dynamic QR code options ensure your customers enjoy the fastest way to apply while providing revenue for your business. Strategically positioned promotional materials, whether at the checkout or next to the products themselves, play a pivotal role in influencing customer decisions. This form of advertising capitalizes on the customer’s presence in the store, using visual and sometimes interactive displays to turn curiosity into sales. With the POP, retailers can capture the attention of customers at a critical shopping moment, offering them a lease-to-own solution that might just tip the scales in favor of a pleasant shopping experience.  

In the Ecommerce Landscape 

In the ecommerce space, POP advertising takes on a different, yet equally compelling form. Online stores can use targeted pop-up messages, banners and checkout page information to highlight lease-to-own options. This approach adapts the principles of traditional POP advertising to the online shopping journey, providing relevant information at key decision points. For example, an item’s product page might feature a calculator showing potential shopping options, or a banner might appear at checkout, reminding customers of the payment options available to them.

These digital features serve a similar purpose as their physical counterparts, alerting the customer in your ecommerce storefront of flexible payment options available using a lease option and potentially easing the shopping experience. Acima provides tailored ecommerce marketing resources to ensure your online presence supports the message consumers are looking for.   

Tracking Point-of Purchase Advertising 

One common question is how can retail business’ track the effectiveness of the POP advertising for LTO? To measure the effectiveness of point-of-purchase advertising for lease-to-own, retailers can track various metrics that lead to any uptick in overall sales since the implementation of POP materials. By working with Acima Leasing, retailers have access to POP promoting LTO. Also, with the use of unique QR codes or tracking URLs for online promotions, Acima Leasing can provide direct insights into customer engagement levels.  

Best Practices for Showcasing Lease-to-Own Options 

When it comes to effectively promoting LTO options through POP advertising, there are several best practices that can significantly enhance the impact of your efforts. These strategies are not just theoretical; they are drawn from real-world success stories and practical applications in both online and physical retail environments. 

Visibility is Vital 

The first step in a successful POP strategy is ensuring that your promotional materials are impossible to miss. Whether it’s an in-store display standing out through bright colors and strategic lighting or an online banner positioned at the top of a webpage, visibility ensures that the information catches the customer’s eye. In physical stores, consider placing displays at eye level in high-traffic areas and at points where customers are likely to pause, such as near the checkout line or alongside popular products. Online, leverage website analytics to place LTO advertisements in areas with the highest engagement, ensuring maximum visibility.  

Simplicity Sells 

Complexity can be a significant barrier to customer engagement. Simplify your messaging to highlight the core benefits of the LTO process: flexibility and accessibility. Use clear, concise language and avoid terms that could confuse potential customers. This principle applies to both visual and textual content — use straightforward imagery and direct calls to action (CTAs) that guide the customer toward learning more about the lease-to-own option that is available.  

Educate Your Team 

Your staff are on the front lines of customer interaction, and they play a crucial role in educating and guiding potential buyers. This is especially true in brick-and-mortar settings, where staff can directly engage with customers, answer questions and highlight the advantages of LTO options. In the ecommerce sphere, this translates into offering chat support or detailed FAQs that provide instant access to information about LTO programs. Training should cover not only the specifics of the LTO offerings but also effective communication strategies to ensure staff can convey the benefits clearly and persuasively. 

Unlock New Sales Opportunities with Lease-to-Own 

Elevate your business with Acima Leasing’s innovative lease-to-own solution. Designed for both ecommerce and in-store retailers, our lease-to-own solution compliments your sales strategy, making household products accessible to a broader audience. By working with us, you’re not just offering a way to benefit from flexible payment options, you’re also investing in customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Take action today. Learn how our tailored lease-to-own options can drive your sales and expand your customer base. Contact us today to start your journey toward a more inclusive and profitable retail experience.