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Fact Vs Fiction: The Real Truth about Lease-to-Own with Acima Leasing

Nov 13, 2023

A view of a couple happily shopping in a store for an appliance and learning about different options for their shopping experience.

In today’s fast-paced landscape, consumer empowerment through shopping has never been more critical. As shoppers continually seek ways to make purchases accessible, lease-to-own solutions — particularly those offered by Acima Leasing — have emerged as great options for individuals looking for flexibility while shopping. 

However, some myths and misconceptions about lease-to-own often obscure its true nature and intent, giving it an undeserved negative reputation. This article aims to dispel these myths and offer businesses a comprehensive understanding of Acima Leasing. Read on to learn how it can elevate your business’s operations and provide your customers with shopping power they may not otherwise enjoy.

Fiction: Acima Leasing is not a legitimate leasing program.

Fact: In a market saturated with lease-to-own options, skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of Acima Leasing may arise. However, businesses can rest assured that Acima Leasing is a reputable and legitimate avenue for offering accessible leasing options to their customers.

Termed as “shopping power,” Acima Leasing provides customers with access to a diverse array of name-brand items without the reliance on traditional financing. The application process (available both in store and online) is designed for convenience, ensuring that customers can easily unlock their shopping power at thousands of local or well-known national retailers.

The legitimacy of Acima Leasing is further underscored by its flexibility. Customers can cancel their lease agreements at any time without penalties, offering reassurance and reinforcing the credibility of the program. 

Businesses that embrace Acima Leasing signal to their customers that they prioritize offering financial solutions that provide flexibility and a better customer experience overall. This not only fosters trust in the business/customer relationship, but it also positions businesses as forward-thinking establishments catering to the diverse needs of their customer base.

Fiction: Lease-to-own is the same as traditional financing.

Fact: By design, lease-to-own agreements differ significantly from traditional financing structures, which often involve installment loans or credit purchases where customers own the item from the start, but may face high interest rates. Acima Leasing offers a unique approach, where customers make manageable lease-renewal payments* while using the merchandise without using credit,* then own the merchandise at the end of the period to ownership. With lease agreements available for 12, 18 or 24 months, businesses can cater to the diverse financial situations and preferences of their customers.

The differentiator here is the absence of interest, coupled with the option to shop for an item or terminate the lease agreement at any time without penalties — setting Acima Leasing apart as a customer-centric and flexible solution*, especially for credit-challenged customers. Again, by clarifying the distinction between lease-to-own and traditional financing, businesses can position Acima Leasing as a modern and adaptable solution that aligns with the changing dynamics of consumer preferences.

Add Acima Leasing’s Shopping Power to Your Customer Experience

Acima Leasing goes beyond just being a lease-to-own program. In a world where traditional financing and credit limitations can narrow down a shopper's choices, Acima Leasing stands out among competitors, offering the kind of customer experience that today's consumers not only prefer but also expect. What’s more, implementing this practical, accessible alternative to traditional financing into your stores is just as easy. The door opens here!